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What do you think is the facial whitening?

In medical science, “skin color cannot be changed as it is genetic”.
Even if you apply cosmetics with the greatest performance, it does not change the skin color, but just temporarily brightens up the skin tone.

What is the whitening in your opinion then?

We think that the whitening is like below.

Skin tone is brightened up.
Skin gets clean through pore/sebum care.
Glossy and smooth skin owing to the excellent skin moisturization.

We think that the whitening includes all like facial whitening, brightening, gloss, brilliance, smoothness, and cleanness.

There are so many diverse cosmetics related to whitening.
From skincare products like cleansing, emulsion, lotion, cream, essence, toner, and mask sheet to makeup products like cushion and foundation.

Our selection standard of whitening product group is the product group showing the quick effects.
Dividing it into mask sheet, tone-up cream, cushion, and special care, products related to whitening were selected.

Some people like the plentiful amount of essence in sheet as they could apply it to other parts while others dislike it because it is spilt down on the floor.

Some people like a thick sheet while others dislike it.

Some people like a small sheet while others dislike it.

Some people like the stickiness of moisturization while others dislike it.

Excellent moisturization with no tone-up effect

Excellent tone-up effect with no moisturization

In fact, there are diverse opinions about the same product.

In spite of such diverse evaluations, most of the evaluation is based on a single total score. Previously, there were no sites easily showing diverse information at a look.

We have created to make a review site to check information more conveniently.

This review site includes total six evaluation items to write reviews easily and also to check them at a time.

We have created this site 
“to easily share reviews of whitening products with others and also to share scores evaluated by many people’s honest reviews in

In our site, basically, reviews are written in English, so that they could be easily shared with people in the world. Beauty Tester will be recruited targeting regions with internet shopping mall sites where we could directly purchase/deliver goods to Southeast Asia, Europe, and America.

Now, the review site is open with the expectation of its great result at the end.

"Let’s write reviews easily and check the evaluation score easily!!!"
This is the slogan of

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